Eu sou a TrüSka

Hello, this is me :)

Hello, i'm Patrícia, but moust people know me as TrüSka!

I'm a graphic designer with all my heart and soul, and i live in Carcavelos, Portugal.

My brand is my life's work, and it's how i see the world > a very colourful and beautiful place! Welcome!


My brand is my signature, and that is why i sign all my pieces > because they are actually all produced by me > from the small pins, to the magnets, my bookmarks, my sweet onesies and even the t-shirts > i handprint them one by one! :)

What i really like is to create new colour combinations, that is why many of my pieces are unique!


Check some moments in my atelier > 

I LOVE to participate in markets, because allows me to get to know very nice and fun people from all over the world, the same time i share my work!

And there are always unforgettable moments!


There are always unforgettable moments >

And i challenge everyone that has a TrüSka piece, to send me a picture, wearing it in their city!

I LOVE to know that from my small atelier, my work flyes to the 4 corners of the world!
And because i really love to see who is wearing my work! ;)


Check it >

Hello Trento, Italy


Look at These Twin Brothers, Boy & Girl, Holding Hands, and Wearing Their TrüSka T-Shirts With the 28 Tram! 

Right Next to Mr Grey Sheep > Their Favourite Teddy Bear Of Course!!! 😃😃😃

Today is the Last Day of the Downtown Market, in Lisbon, and I'm Already Getting Sweet Pictures from Around the World! 

Yyyeeeeeeyyyyyy 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Grazie Mille Maurizio!

Baci a tutti di Portogallo 💋

TrüSka, Welcome to Oakland, USA 😃 

This is Richard!

We had a long conversation about the differences of Portugal and the USA > and i realized we live in paradise, but don't even know it!

We need to appreciate this beautiful country that is Portugal, and be thankful every day for living here > at least that is what i feel every single moment of my life > honestly very blessed ❤️

So thank you Richard for loving this country so much, and for the photo you first said you wouldn't take... But you did!! 😃

Lots of L❤️VE from Portugal


"Born the day after I bought her this onesie in Portugal, Elida Fay finally fits into her European gift. As cute as can be!! @truskadesign" 


Thank you sooo much mama Rae 😊 for your kindness! Elida is beautifull! And this picture... Wowww... Just melts my heart! LoVe from Portugal 

I feel so happy to do what i love every single day, that is why i thank you your support!

Thank you soooo much for being on that side! :D




I Love to create, photograph, print, draw, produce > give life to an idea it's what mooves me > from creation to the final product!

So please remember: if you have one of my pieces, please wear it with care, because i made it specially for you!

(I have this belief that everything i make finds it's rightful owner! ;)




I Love Design and that special moment when you have an idea > i have them all the time!

So one day i decided to get involved with the portuguese symbols we all know, and our history, but decided to give it a more modern and simple "look"!

All my designs are my creation and protected by copyrights!

Do.Not.Copy! Thank you!



Sometimes i start playing with paints and pens and spays and things...and some drawings appear!

Illustration it's not my primary occupation, but when my heart takes me there, i share with the world my deepest thoughts, and usually in very intricate and sworly drawings!